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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Warehouse

Where have I been at?

At the warehouse of course! Rubberbanding and tying shoes.

I've been very busy collecting and compiling shoes. Working with men, women, and children boxing and moving shoes.

This pile of shoes all belong to the kid size pile.

To the left is a pile of single shoes... looking for a mate. Believe it or not many people in the world only have one leg.

This is where I hope to say good bye to all the shoes I've collected. The truck loading bay.

The empty warehouse. It's always good to have a before picture. The boxes were donated by the Tasty T-Shirt company located next door.

Tasty T-Shirt Company is also providing shrink wrap and want to be there to help load the truck when it comes.

Thank you Tasty T-Shirt Company!!! You are all AWESOME!!!

I have been very busy going around and talking with a lot of schools and picking up shoes at the various gyms and village centers. For those checking this blog, just know I'm running about a day or two behind in getting back to people. There are a lot of schools in Howard County.

I continue to see the joyful faces of the children we visited in orphanages that were so eager to have someone come and spend just a few hours with them. In my mind I continually see little ones offering me their bowl of porage or maize in exchange for shoes. I miss my little people and want them all to know I'm working hard here trying to make their world a better place.

A shout out to Harriet Baker. She is collecting shoes from Tennessee and sending them directly to the warehouse there. If anyone else wants to do that, let me know. Harriet.... if I could give you a big hug I would. It is my hope after the shoe drive to continue with the Kigoma Project and make pillowcase dresses for the girls in the orphanages that we visited who are in need of clothes.

The kindness of others continues to fog my mind on a repeated basis. When I hug someone these days... it's a hug that I mean. The human contact. The getting off the couch and doing something not just talking about doing it. It cost me nothing to smile and someone and somedays that's all I have to give and yet... it may make another persons day to have a complete stranger simply smile at them.

Ok... being the Mommy of three that I am I have to put on my "homework hat" and go figure out some geometery, cook dinner and get to the PTA meeting at school.

Hugs to you all,


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  1. Oh! Wow! I bet the kids were so happy when you gave them these shoes and shirts! You've been very generous to them. Nothing compares to the love that you have for kids. You are an inspiration.