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Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Person

This is a post I began a few days ago, but I wanted to get it out. Even though the shoe drive is over, I still have lots of pictures to post, thoughts and ideas to share with people. I'll work more on my blog over Thanksgiving break. Have a safe and good time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving.

54,320 Shoes

27,160 Pairs of Shoes

17,570 Pairs of Shoes on the 1st truck

9,580 Pairs of Shoes on the 2nd truck

2,800 pairs of shoes that couldn't fit on the first truck

500 plus hours of community service from many

21 Schools

12 Weeks

10 Churches

7 Village Centers

3 Gyms

2 Colleges

1 Community

1 Person

We ALL made a difference in the lives of so many other people much less fortunate than ourselves.

Today I find myself with a lot of mixed emotions. I packed up the last of the shoes and cleaned out the warehouse. A chapter in my life closes. I have met so many incredible, kind, wonderful and hard working people. From the littlest ones that I got to read a book to sharing with them how I found out about Soles4Souls and telling them they too would be added to my list of friends to the elderly people that I helped by simply giving them a hug, smiling at them and saying "Thank you".

I could hear their wonder and amazement in the voices of so many. "Wow! Really! What was it like? Did you have fun? What was hard? Why are you doing this again? Did you ever think????" I smile and say to myself... No, God does all my thinking these days... I'm just a vehicle to share joy to others.

Today I spoke with a reporter from Patuxent Publishing Company. I found myself with tears in my eyes because I know how much joy all the shoes I collected will mean to the people that will get them. Happiness for others. Such a wonderful thing.

The best way I can describe my shoe drive/collection is that EVERY day when I would collect or receive more shoes I felt like a child on Christmas morning getting tons of presents.

So my tears were those of happiness for others and to have been able to successfully share their stories to so many members of the community in which I live in. Their message was heard from this county.

One person told me to imagine providing 1/2 of the Raven's Stadium with shoes. That certainly puts into perspective how many shoes I collected.

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